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Empowering marginalized communities through the arts. 

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We Are Here Exhibition

Community Arts Box is presenting "We Are Here", a new exhibition in Brixton, South London, showcasing art, poetry, installations, and music by the global refugee community.

The exhibition visually unfolds to express who these people are, who they were in their home country and the arduous journey to where they are now. Drawing on stories that chronicle the past and the pains of the present, the works illuminate the strength and resilience of these communities to stand steadfast in the face of adversity.


Amongst the artists on show, “We are here” will include art by established Iranian artist and refugee, Nima Javan, Wedi Tsion’s beautiful yet harrowing sketches, capturing horrific moments of the Tigray Genocide, as well as pieces sourced from reputed and displaced Ukrainian contemporary art gallery, ‘Spilne.’ This exhibition will bring together paintings, sculpture, photography, poetry and installation work together with a live Norooz (Persian new year) music performance.


The show is conceived as an essential contribution to the ongoing debate on migration and border politics and invites audiences to challenge preconceived notions of refugees. 


Downstairs at The Department Store, 48 Ferndale Rd,
London SW9 8FR 


Opening night (Private Viewing) 

Wednesday, 22nd March 2023, 18:00 – 21:00 

Admission is free. 

The exhibition is open to the public from the 22nd of March to 28th of March from 10:00- 17.00

"We Are Here" is a chance to maintain and propagate these diverse artists and unique narratives." 

Katherine Jones RA

About Us

Our intention is to engage marginalized individuals and communities in London through the Arts to create positive social impact, inclusivity, and accessibility.


Marginalized groups and individuals should be valued equally as stakeholders in society. Our goal is to provide the missing infrastructure needed to empower such groups. 

We explore the visual arts, music, literature, theatre, and film to nurture social inclusion, enhance creativity, build self-confidence, and support the well-being and mental health of participants and communities.


Get Involved

At Community Arts Box we run cultural excursions, curate exhibitions, organise performances and concerts. Our mission is to create innovative pathways for our communities to engage with the arts and contribute to their diaspora more meaningfully. 


We need your support to continue our work.


Contact Us

International House, Canterbury Crescent

London SW9 7QE

+44 7557 78 2101

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