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At Community Arts Box we bring forward our various expertise, experience and knowledge from various backgrounds and sectors as well as providing opportunity for our volunteers from marginalised communities to excercise leadership roles.

We believe that the organisational infrastructure can be supported and shaped by our service users. 

Anahita has had a longstanding interest with wellness through arts. 

she has a BA in visual art, was a secondary school teacher and is currently training to be a qualified art psychotherapist. As a natural networker she has an innate understanding of people, cultures shaped by her own exposure of being raised in many different cultures, travels and migrations. 

Tiba came to the U.K as an asylum seeker and has  been working with children and the community for over 13 years As chair governor of a state school in Brixton. She has a wealth of experience in safeguarding, safeguarding governor, as well as being a mediator working on community cohesion, promoting inclusion and diversity policies.

Helen has had various roles in the civil service since joining in 2016, including in the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office, Cabinet Office and No.10 Prior to this she worked at the Middle East Desalination Research Center in Muscat, supporting dialogue between Israel, Palestine and Jordan on water issues. From 2010-2014 she was based at Chatham House, including as Manager of the Middle East and North Africa research programme. 

Fiona is a senior clinical psychologist with over 26 years experience working with mental health in field of learning disabilities, eating disorders and sexual abuse. She has varied her practice working in private sector, within the performing arts(music, fashion, advertising, T.V. and film), voluntary sector and NHS. conduct in accordance with codes of Practice of BPS. 


Anahita Haghi



Tiba Tsedal Tesfamariam-Powell



Helen Twist



Fiona Dunn-Lowes


Nima has a diverse background from accountancy to cooking as a chef and teaching art.  Nima has always been a people person, natural skills in networking and naturally tech savvy. 

Charlie has a passion for fashion, arts music and community. A natural people person she has resided in Brixton for over 38 years and was the founder and organiser of the St Matthews estates street party.She has been a vocal and active advocate for Inclusivity and diversity at a state school in Brixton. 

She has a passion for installations and any art making processes

Eman is an asylum seeker in the U.K. She is an architect and has a MA Architecture and MA Business Administration. She specialised in Physical Planning and Urban Development for the Ministry of Urban Planning in her home country.  

Seper is a Music artist and producer and  has collaborated with artists in his musical career to produce various projects(at public and Underground level) both  in his home country and his current location in the U.K. 


Nima Mardani (volunteer)

Operation Officer


Charlie Hogan



Eman Alamin (volunteer)

We are here Project



Seper Mardani (volunteer)

Music researcher


Nima Javan 

Curatorial assistant

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-26 at 08_edited_e

Nima is is a professional artist based in London . He has a BA illustration and a MA Fine arts specialising in painting from his home country. His works have been commissioned by numerous charities across London. His work was selcted for Refugee Week 2022 Poster and distributed both nationally and globally. He also featured on instagram as 'creator'.

Dain is an artist and a trainee art psychotherapist. She has been working with Global Health and educational organisations for their marketing and social media. She actively supports solidarity against discrimination through art, media and public speaking as a cosmopolitan person.

Dain Jeong

Marketing/ Content coordinator 

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